Give a little,
Change the world

​Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe a little can go a long way?

​A young boy gave his lunch of five loaves and two fish to Yahshua and miraculously fed five thousand – John 6:9-11.

You, too, can be a part of a miracle. By donating one dollar you can directly impact someone in your own community.

​Our mission is to inspire and empower all people to give through a collective effort of monetary donations in order to meet the needs of those within their own communities. Give a little, change the world.

​it started as a classroom project

​“In the fall of 2005 I was running a Life Skills group with 20 underprivileged teenagers. We discussed poverty and how hard it was for them growing up. They mentioned that they felt no one ever gave them anything and that if they had the opportunity, they would help others. With that said, I pulled a twenty dollar bill, changed it for 20 one dollar bills and handed every group member a dollar. I told them they had to spend it on someone other than themselves. We called it

"The Dollar Project Day”.

Word spread of this simple idea to individuals and businesses. In just a few short months the project raised enough funds to help familles, students, and community members purchase food, clothes, help with medical expenses, student fees, light bills and the list goes on. Now that’s a miracle! We are currently serving Iowa but our goal is to reach out to needy communities far and wide.”

- Jabari Woods, Founder/CEO YAH’S Dollar Project Inc.

​We can make a difference as a community for the community. Your dollars have already…

​bought groceries

for a hungry


​purchased a cap

and gown for a

graduating senior.

​helped with housing

for a homeless



YAH's Dollar Project has helped over 100 students for multiple years at an intermediate school in Davenport, Iowa prepare for college, careers, and citizenship by sponsoring their efforts in their research for National History Day. YAH's Dollar Project provided the funds for students to use NoodleTools which is a web-based research, citation, and note-taking platform. From source selection and annotation to elaboration and analysis, students get guidance on every part of the research process leading to their final annotated bibliography or paper. YAH's Dollar Project made it possible for these students to be successful in their endeavors in learning to analyze, synthesize, explore, and think critically. Thanks YAH's Dollar Project! You truly have made a difference in the lives of our students.

8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

" YAH'S dollar project came through in a big way for me and my family' assisting us with financial assistance which helped us avoid getting our vehicle repossessed. This allowed to get our children to and from school', thank you so much YAH'S dollar project I plan to pay it forward"

Davenport Parent and community member

" YAH'S Dollar Project provided me and my family with the deposit for our rent as well as 1st months rent as we transitioned from the salvation army into an apartment. They also signed us up for habitat for humanity and helped us financially on a monthly basis by providing groceries clothing, and also paying my student registration fees so I could get my diploma. There are no words to describe what YAH'S Dollar Project has done for me and my family."

Thank you YAH'S Dollar Project for all you have done for me and my family. I will never forget it.


Former Davenport School student

Former Davenport school student


Yah's Dollar Project