​“In times of uncertainty YAH challenges us to join hands in faith, acknowledging that when all earthly support has been exhausted, when we can no longer depend on tangible things to meet our needs, YAH is there with open hands gently guiding us to a place where we can trust YAH to do what no man or woman can.”

​In Yahshua’s holy name, 

Savior of the world,

to the glory of Father YAH.

​“A community dedicated to helping one another— becomes a tree of hope where all people, all nations can take refuge in its branches.”​​

Words of Wisdom

Make a wish and in time YAH may chose to grant it to you...

Hold on tight to the voyage that this life will take you to.

Open the treasures of your heart and lock them in the deep conscience

of your mind that they may be an aid through difficult and tragic times.

Open your eyes to faith in Almighty YAH and Yahshua the son

a new understanding,

realizing that the pressures of this life can be so demanding.

If your hurting, time may choose to heal you slowly no matter

who you think is listening.

Speak boldy, stand for something bigger, greater than yourself. Scream when your worst nightmare becomes a reality, but then gradually climb the ladder to soulful discovery, love, and integrity. Search like a clever fox scoping out its next prey.

Anaylze your mistakes in hopes that tomorrow's choices are

better than today's.

Pray for YAH's guidance and heavenly solutions

Elevate, mediatate, and most importantly acknowledge your potential.

Above all you see, taste, touch, experience.

Remember nothing is more important,

nothing is more powerful than YAH's love for you.

Life is what you make it to be.

Yah's Dollar Project