Who can participate?

Students, teachers, individuals, families, businesses, churches or anyone who wants to reach out and help their community members in need.

​Where does my dollar go?

​Donation requests are made to YAH’S Dollar Project. Then 100% of the donations are used to fulfill the needs. To see a history of YAH’s Dollar Project’s payments made through past generous donations, download the Donation Distribution history.

​How can I donate?

​Whether it’s a one-time dollar donation or an ongoing group project donation, you can contact YAH’S Dollar Project for arrangements. Get others involved and excited about helping directly within their own community. Ask how to be a part of spreading the word of giving a little and changing the world.

​“The open hand is blessed, for it gives in abundance, even as it receives.”

​- Biddy Mason

​If you would like to donate even one dollar, then you can mail checks or money orders to:

YAH’S Dollar Project, P.O.Box 64

Bettendorf, IA 52722

Yah's Dollar Project